Should I Tell My Co-Workers I Have Diabetes?

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In the workplace, it's very difficult to know exactly who to tell and who not to tell about your diabetes. One of the places that you should tell is someone in Human Resources. So if something does happen, your company does know that you have diabetes. It's also important to tell them because as a diabetic, diabetes fits into the category of disabilities.

So there're certain things you are going to have to ask for while on the job. Such as having time out for an hour or two when you're recovering from a low blood sugar, the company is going to need to know so they can make arrangements for you to do that. As far as telling your co-workers that's really a personal decision.

My recommendation is until you really get to know your co-worker. I would more keep it to, the people who are above you like your boss, your boss' boss too, so that you don't end up with a lot of people who are trying to in your best interests but they are also acting as the diabetic police.

Now as you get closer to people if you have like a really good friend that work, that may be appropriate for you, but you really need to make the decision face-of of your personal work environment.