Is There a Link Between Diabetes and Breast Cancer?

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Does the diagnosis of diabetes increase the chance a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer? Well, a woman with newly diagnosed diabetes is more likely to get diagnosis of breast cancer and although the diabetes may be a risk factor for breast cancer. The truth is that those with newly diagnosed diabetes are more likely to get a series of preventive test and follow up so, that maybe one and they're more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer actually.

So, then does this make the case that everyone should have regular preventive and health care visit? Absolutely, because its taking a fresh look at the patient and that's when you find things so, [xx] or [xx] Every year there is a live test you should be getting over here.

Foliana, is that right? Yeah. Okay that is my feeling. My recommendation. And truth be told you miss your patience from the Rowland drive. Definitely. That's what I thought.