Is It Common for Kids to Feel Depressed About Their Diabetes?

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It is very common for kids to feel depressed about their diabetes, there's a lot of things that they face during their childhood experience that will create depression it's not necessarily diabetes itself, but when interacting with their friends at school seeing that their friends at school may get everybody in get a cup cake, but they're not supposed to have one, having just to deal with with that issue which is very intense especially socially among children to be part of the group, part of your classmates becomes so, is very crucial to surviving.

I guess High School or Junior High School or school, so there's a lot of weight on children when they're going through school to be fit in and be part of the popular crowd but once you have this, now you have to worry about a whole bunch of other set of rules that other children are not going to necessarily understand.

So that will create depression for children and that's one of the leading causes of natural depression for a child while they are growing up, it's having to take on that responsibility. Something a parent can do when they recognize that their child is feeling depressed is to sit down and talk with their children, allow them to express their emotions, be there empathize, give them the opportunity to tell you how they feel about it, and then back that up and say, you know, if I was in your situation I would feel the same way and then work on them with how can we resolve this issue, as a team together, because that will help enforce that they're not alone and depression is a lonely place.

If after trying to work with your child, that isn't, its you notice that there isn't much change and your child still feeling depressed and walking around depressed then that's when it's time to actually bring them to a specialist, take them to a therapist so that they can get help with this issue.

There's also certified diabetic educators who also have a lot of knowledge in this area and if they can't, if they don't have enough knowledge they also refer to psychotherapists and they know who works best with diabetes in their area.