If I've Just Been Diagnosed With Diabetes, What Do I Need to Know?

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[MUSIC] First of all you want to know what kind of diabetes do you have, do you have type 1 diabetes? Which used to be called juvenile diabetes where the body just stops making insulin or do you have type 2 diabetes which comes on later in life typically and is associated often with obesity and some resistance.

Those two get treated very differently and then within type 2 diabetes there's a whole variety of different appearances. My prediction is that in 15 years from now, we won't call it type 2 diabetes, there'll be all kinds of different some types of type 2 diabetes that get treated different, and it's actually something that I'm doing already now.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are the master of your own body you control what goes in, you control what you eat, how much you exercise, you control your environment, nobody else can do that for you. You have the power to control your health, that's very powerful.

So, in a sense you could be your own doctor with a little help from your team of physicians and nutritionists and others. The other thing is that you need your environment to help you, your relatives, your friends because if your spouse for instance expresses his or her love by feeding you things that are not good for you that might be difficult.

And so you need to include your environment in the discussion about what to do about your diabetes and then seek out good information from your physician, from trusted sources, from a nutritionist and build a health care team and build a plan and then stick to that plan and see how it fits with your life.

Live your life and thrive.[MUSIC].