How Is Insulin Related to Carbohydrates?

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Insulin is related to carbohydrate, in this way. When you eat a carbohydrate food and order once food has digested from that carbohydrate, or glucose to get into the cell insulin has to be activated. It's like the key that opens the door to the cell so the carbohydrate can go in.

So, what happens, is if you are over eating carbohydrates you are producing a lot of insulin and you do this overtime, day in and day out. Eventually, your cells get tired. They are like, insulin stop knocking on the door. I am not opening in any more and you become insulin resistant.

And that's one of those its pre-diabetes things you hear about because it is like your body is saying stop, don't eat so much, give us a rest, let us take a break. The other thing that can happen is if you constantly asking your body to produce insulin again and again and again in huge amounts because you are over eating and have so much carbohydrates without using it at all like when you are exercising, you became more insulin and glucose tolerant, is that your pancreas gets tired of producing it and it can actually produce less insulin and you get high blood glucose as well all because your body is not producing enough insulin to take care of all the energy you are taking in.