How Can I Manage My Anger About Having Diabetes?

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A person can manage their anger about having diabetes by utilizing stress reduction techniques, coping techniques, coping mechanisms like taking deep breaths when you start feeling that anger start to arise, one of the most important things is to actually talk to some one though.

This is something I wouldn't handle on your own, I would go to a therapist and work through the anger, because the anger with diabetes tends to get pretty intense and actually borders on rage if it isn't already rage. There's a lot of anger because a person tends to feel they've been victimized by the diabetes, so the diabetes itself, just the diagnosis creates a heavy amount of trauma.

And so and really important. If you don't like going to a therapist or you don't think that's a way for you, if you have a good friend who you can just talk this out, and talk about from time to time, family members, but someone who you can openly talk about your feelings without being judged.

And that's the most important, and that's one of the reasons I do recommend a therapist because a therapist is pretty neutral. They're going to listen to you and help you manage through it and they do it on a daily basis. So my recommendation is, definitely seek some help.