How Can Diabetes Affect a Man's Sexual Function?

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[MUSIC] up to 50% of all men with diabetes and obesity have low testosterone, and low testosterone means less energy, less desire, but also worse erectile function. On the other hand, even if testosterone is normal the same processes that damage the arteries the coronaries damage the cano arteries and if you think about your cardio-vascular system the same way a plumber would, the small pipes clog up first, the pial arteries are a lot smaller than carotid artery, femoral artery, or the coronaries.

So, what you see is that if you were to ask somebody gets wheeled in with a heart attack and you were to ask them do you have a erectile dysfunction? They'll usually tell you oh yes, years ago, I started having erectile dysfunction, and that's because the small arteries clog first the other thing is that the inner lining of the blood vessels which responds to stresses and to reactions in your body gets damaged by the blood sugar as well, and erectile dysfunction is an expression of that function of the inner lining endophilia.

Nerves can get damaged by diabetes as well, it's what we call neoropathy, and you need your nerves to work well in order to have solid erection. [MUSIC].