How Can Depression Hurt My Ability to Manage Diabetes?

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Depression can hurt ones ability to manage diabetes. Because there is a lack of motivation that comes with depression, and one of the things that helps manage diabetics' blood sugar is to actually be active active in their life. And there's a tendency to as a lot of people look as we're more heavy we do the chronic depressions, what you will have is people who will spend the day on the couch instead of going out and walking or riding a bike or just hanging out with friends is more activity and will create a healthier balance as well as create stable blood sugar levels.

When a person has depression, the depression actually impacts how blood sugar is handled in your system. So what you would normally need to take, you may need to take more insulin to deal with the same amount of food. And when a person's depressed they're not depressed continually.

A lot of people think that someone's depressed every single day, from the time they have until the time they go to see someone and they start getting through it. A person can be depressed for three or four days a week so now you have days where you're depressed and your insulin needs to be one way and days that not depressed and your blood sugar and your insulin needs to be another way.

And most people aren't aware of this, and when your depression is hard to think clearly to actually make those adjustments. So there is a lot of way that depression impacts, once diabetes and more probably, the control of the diabetes.