How Are My Mood Swings Related to My Diabetes?

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Diabetics have a tendency to have a lot of mood swings, and they're related to where one's blood sugars are at. If the blood sugars are high, there tends to be more of depression, if they are lower they tend to be more agitated and scattered. It's important that a person is able to recognize when these happen. If you feel down, and you check your blood sugar, and you realize it's high, that gives you an opportunity to you'll tell whoever you're with, my blood sugar is high.

If I'm acting a little odd, just so you know, that's where I'm at. that way when you're in your relationship, instead of having this dramatic mood swing which may start an argument because you're overly sensitive to little things, you can actually have a relationship where there's good communications around your diabetes, and prevent such arguments that don't need to happen.