Can Diabetes Affect Self-Esteem?

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Diabetes can impact a person's self-esteem in several ways. When a person's blood sugar is out of control, their emotions are out of control. A lot of self blame happens during that period. A person may not realize that their diabetes is out of control, and end up beating themselves up for what's happening in the moment.

So they may say something wrong that they didn't mean to say, and all of a sudden there's a big problem at work and once in a while a person does that, but with diabetes that can happen often. A lot of times, a diabetic will have to go back and say I'm sorry or apologize and it's on you the site of humiliating, so when a person looks and they make it personal the self-esteem starts being impacted.

If a person with diabetes recognizes this is just a natural course of things and pays more attention to when those events happen and actually say to whoever they're around, Hey, my diabetes just went a little wacky, I need to apologize for what just happened. That would be a great remedy to help keep your self-esteem means stabilized.

One of the other pieces is that when you have a chronic illness self-esteem goes down just by the fact that you have a chronic illness. You feel weaker than everybody else, everybody is normal and you're not so you're the bad one. So that perspective a lot of times gets internalized into the individual and the diabetic.

So those are some ways that diabetes impacts a person's self-esteem.