3 Ways to Manage Diabetes

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, managing diabetes starts with healthy habits, if you already have your diabetes under control, congratulations, but if need a little help, try these tips. First, use the buddy system, when you need to make any healthy changes whether you want to quit smoking, start exercising or stay on top of your diabetes, it helps to have a buddy for support.

That's someone you can be accountable to, they'll cheer lead your efforts and help you get back on track when you stumble. Your buddy could be someone else who has diabetes, you can help each other, or support a family member or friend. It also helps to keep track of your progress. Keep a journal where you can jot down everything from when you take medication, to when you exercise.

You can also keep track of what you eat, and how much weight you lose, even make note of how you feel. Managing diabetes isn't easy. So plan some healthy rewards for your success, choose something you'll really look forward to, whether it's a spa treatment, catching a movie with a friend, or even a weekend getaway. I'm Dr. Miller, for more smart ways to manage your diabetes, check out all our health tips right here.