Who Should Be on My Diabetes Healthcare Team?

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In terms of a person with Diabetes and their healthcare team the centre of the team should be the person living with diabetes, they need to be the most knowledgeable. But in general having a doctor that's knowledgeable about diabetes, having access to a dietician and exercise physiologist and for many folks a clinical psychologist because there are so many emotional barriers for diabetes.

That seems to be one of the most important specialties that we do not refer enough to and there's not enough specialists out there. I've always asked people, who should take care of the people with diabetes in this country? And the answer is anybody who's interested and the most interested person should be the person living with diabetes.

Most barriers are so prevalent to people with diabetes, when I look at patients who are not on a good control, it's not that they don't know what to do many of the times, they know how to do it but there's some barrier. And there's lots of depression, there's fear, there's anxiety, you have pressure from loved ones who we call them the diabetic police.

And if you don't overcome those emotional barriers, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, then it will be very difficult to get that person under control, that's why it's such an important area. That's really overlooked in our health care systems, with such limited time between patient and provider.