What Should Someone Look for in a Blood Glucose Meter?

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Everybody with diabetes should have a home glucose monitor and there are a lot of meters out there, and they have all kinds of different features. The bottom line is that the best meter is the one that you use. Now there are meters out there that are very cheap, to try to cut the cost and many of them are not that accurate.

If you have type two diabetes and you're not adjusting your insulin based on your meter for just on pills, it probably doesn't that much if it's a little bit off. Now if you have type 1 diabetes, or you have type 2, different things then, I think it's very important to have a meter that is very accurate, and may have some features to help you analyze your blood sugars, software that you can download, and sort of look for trends and patterns.

There are meters now where the patterns pop up on the meter itself, they have a meter of the iBGStar, that looks like to the bottom of an iPhone, and not only does it test your blood sugar, but it goes into a software program that you goes on the phone apps. And I saw a patient just recently who really likes it because when she comes to clinic she forgets her meter or her logbook but I want to see because I'm adjusting all the medications, but yet you always have to have one..