How Is Gastroparesis Related to Diabetes?

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Gastroparesis is fairly common it comes in different stages. At typically, it is related to the duration of diabetes. So, folks you have just had diabetes, they usually don't have that. But five, ten plus years, out they may be more susceptible. So, you might have it a little bit, where you just need to control your diet, and as time goes on it may progress.

It is continual, but it's fairly common Gastroparesis is when your stomach mortality is not normal, it's usually slower. You need nervous intervention to stimulate the stomach muscles to propel, in a pair of soft motions, all the food out of your stomach, in for the rest of your gastrointestinal tract.

You eat food and your stomach just sits there, and there is no healthy food. You feel bloated, and you know, you get full easy, and it feels like most individuals, normal individuals, find thanksgiving when they over eat. And they feel like they have a baby, and then that causes havoc with blood sugar.

Because when the food is in your stomach, it does not get absorbed it does not elevate your blood sugar, it's only when it leaves the stomach are those nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream. So, you might take insulin, eat a bunch of food, your stomach just sits there. You might get well after eating a big meal right after eating but then later on when the stuff finally gets absorbed it eventually leaves the stomach over time much longer than a normal individual.

The blood sugar may go three to four times, if you're not paying attention to it. The way we treat Gastroenteritis is to primarily don't eat a bunch of stuff at one time. You know, don't stuff yourself, eat lighter meals having more meals, but smaller in size. Try to stay away from things like pasta.

Those hurt your stomach, and to give yourself insulin in different ways a little bit at first, and then more later on. If you're on instant pump you can be, you can call in a square way ballers where you instead of giving yourself 10 minutes all at once, it gives it to you slowly over two hours.

So, there's different ways and there's medications and there's even a surgical the device called the gastric stimulator that you can actually implant, and helps stimulate your stomach to propel food that's cause of sort the drastic therapies. But, we do have medications that we use to keep the stomach moving normally.

The diagnosis of gastroparesis[sp?], and in our society now there's so little time. Sometimes patients don't even realize it's associated with diabetes which is why education directly through patients with Values is important, and providers are just not knowledgeable. And when you have specific tests to work it up by eating a radioactive hamburger, and then they take pictures over time in your stomach, say if radioactivity and stuff, and it is overlooked, absolutely.