How Do Emotion and Stress Impact Diabetes?

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Emotions can play a big role in diabetes control. Now what is it that causes the blood sugars to go up or down with stress and emotions? Well it's not so much that if you get stressed out or your depressed that your blood sugars automatically go up, some of the antidepressant medications can make your blood sugars go up, however I think that that when people are depressed or anxious or guilty afraid of complications that affects how they take care of their diabetes so a lot people eat more food, a lot of people eat the wrong type of foods, they stop exercising, they may get to the point when they don't take your medication.

So it's really the emotional barriers I think actually affect the way people care of their bodies. They've done studies on stressing. It's hard to do studies on stressing, how it affects the blood sugar in a controlled setting. I remember one study that the gay people mapped questions, like to frustrate and they measure their blood sugar, that's not real express.

It's really the way people take care of themselves and when you think about it when you have diabetes, you've got to follow the diet, eat at the right times, the same amount you have youre supposed to  exercise the same time, the same duration, the same intensity, you know you're supposed to take your medication at the same time everyday, that you always do calculation of the kind of insulin.

You know It's not easy, that's one reason why we've to [xx] diabetes why there's organisations and websites like Sharecare, because it was easy we want you to put on conferences and websites and other applications and have all kinds of support systems. I'm a firm believer that most professionals keep probing their patients for being non-compliant, could not follow the recommendations that they have put on their patients.