Are There Foods That Are Off Limits If You Have Diabetes?

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In the olden days, we had certain things that we could not eat. And it was very rigid. You can't eat this, you can't eat that and nowadays diabetes care is really becoming more individualized. Now I've always thought we need to individualize therapy. So, now large organizations are saying we need to individualize care.

Oh, really? And it's really true that an individual with diabetes can eat anything they want as long as they control their blood sugars. Now people with type 1 diabetes, it all comes down to figuring out the right insulin dose, most of the time, to prevent it from raising high or getting low.

So people with type 2, they also have the added hustle of their weight. As, type 2's have weight problems so, yes you can eat anything you want if you blood sugars are great, but if you have high cholesterol, if you're over weight, folks with type-2 have a tendency to be over weight, any way because of their actual part of physiology, of their condition then they have to watch that as well.

But I think we have to let people know that within reason they could eat anything they want according to their personal and ethnic preferences and we just have to look at the amount, and in occasion we look at what you're consuming. [MUSIC].