Are There Blood Glucose Meters That Will Transmit Information Directly to Your Doctor?

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There's a lot of technology going on now with information from pumps, continuous glucose monitors, home glucose meters, and we do have meters that communicate with [UNKNOWN] pumps. For example, some women like to hide their pump. I saw a woman recently, I asked her what her pump settings were and she pulled it out of her bra.

So if you have a meter that communicates with a pump you don't have to do that. So if she tests her blood sugar and it's high the pump can turn on and say do you want us to connect the dose of insulin? And you can actually control the pump with a meter. So there is communication there we do have insulin prompts that act as the billboard to receive a continuous glucose monitoring results.

We have meters now that are gonna help patients adjust their own insulin dose based on their own individual characteristics and people are really working on devices including meters that where the information goes to the cloud and you could receive it on any device whether it's your iPhone your iPad your computer and so the communication is a dancing tremendously and the FDA and the Federal Communication Committee whatever they are, have really strict regulations which is slowing it down, but probably for a good reason they wanna make sure that things don't get too crazy out there.

So, we're at the infancy in terms of getting the information off the meter into other devices, other computers, care givers, family members, parents and young kids with diabetes so that people can be more aware of what's going on. [BLANK_AUDIO].