Are Schools Required to Accommodate the Needs of Children With Diabetes?

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One of the things that parents need to be very aware of, when their kids are going to school is, schools are required by law to make accommodations for diabetic children. And those accommodations, actually are individualized, they make an individualized treatment plan specifically for your child.

So when school is about to begin, it's important for parents to call up and ask to schedule a meeting with the principal, vice principal, the nurses, and to create this plan and take responsibility for that, a lot of times things get overlooked, because parents don't mention to the school that their kid has diabetes expecting their kid's just going to take care of everything when the truth is, is that they are in a situation where they can't control as much because the teacher's the one in authority but if the teacher doesn't know, then that becomes a problem.

Every single person your kid comes in contact with, that person should be educated on what it is they need to do, to take care of your child, so you definitely need to and you have a right, and it's a Federal law that diabetics get that individualized treatments so that they can safely make it through their education.