How Can I Tell If I Have Prediabetes?

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The third thing your doctor is not telling you about with regard to your heart is that if you are a prediabetic person you you are at high risk for heart disease, what's your blood sugar? The last time I had blood worked on it was 125 it was diagnosed prediabetic, Prediabetic so let's talk about the second.

Let's go with the blood sugar numbers because they're important to remember. If you're under 100 you're good to go, a fasting blood sugar. If you're 100-125 you're a prediabetic and if you're over 125 you're diabetic. Just a francal diabetic. Now, if you're in this range you've got to check your numbers fairly regularly, you've got to be on your radar screen if you don't have any risk factors, you don't have a blood check every three years is fine to check this I don't want to panic everybody but if you're having these big numbers then we can do things to reduce them.come on over here, I'm going to show you the biggest steps of all.

People get high cholestrol numbers and they get high blood sugars primarily from the sugars they eat. If you eat lots of, avoid food that you should avoid. These are foods that have simple carbohydrates in them. Instead get whole grains rice, wheat, these are foods that stabilize your blood sugar as opposed to the packaged foods that we are showing up out here you've got to make it easy to do the right thing in your family.

You've got to stock these foods and avoid these ones. Is that something you can do. Yeah, absolutely. And you're going to walk? I'm going to walk. And you're going to loose the way. Yes I am. Because you love. My children and myself. And yourself. Thank you very much Kristin.

Thank you for being with. Thank you. For more information on heart disease] and be sure to check out this months issue of Family Circle magazine, we'll be right back. Where are you from?.