Diabetes and Your Sex Life

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz, when it comes to diabetes and your sex life, researchers have long known the disease causes sexual dysfunction in men, but a recent study reveals that while women with diabetes are just as enthusiastic about intimate relationships as those without it, they have far greater trouble with lubrication, orgasm and feeling happy about sex.

The difficulties come from problems with circulation and nerves, side effects of medications, and related complications like kidney disease. Don't worry, all is not lost, here's how to protect or reinvigorate your sex life. Maintain a healthy weight just losing 10% of your body weight will help things improve.

Follow your doctor's orders to manage your diabetes. Many people with Type-2 diabetes ignore their doctor's recommendations causing bigger problems down the road. Increase your physical activity and ditch the foods with added sugar, sugar syrups, and saturated or trans-fats, and finally, reduce stress with meditation and progressive relaxation.

Remember, you don't have to let diabetes bring your sex life to a halt. I'm Dr. Oz, check out all of our smart tips for more ways to live better.