Your Blood Pressure on Sugar

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I'm Dr. Mike Roizen with your healthy smart tip for today. If you eliminate just one can, one can of soda a day, you could help your blood pressure fall into the healthy zone, and you can also decrease your chances of a fatal stroke or heart attack, by 5 to 8%, and you make your blood pressure 2/1 lower.

Now that may not sound like much, but that's a big relief to your arteries. Researchers think that soda and other sugary drinks pump your body to hold on to more sodium which makes blood vessels tighten up and your blood pressure higher, or the sugar may kick start a fight or flight response that makes your heart beat faster and your arteries contract.

So switch to diet sodas, or better yet, just water or fizzy waters spiked with berries or spritz of lemon. For more ways to keep yourself young, watch all of the smart tips, they're right here