Skip These Bad Habits to Manage Diabetes

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Are you having trouble managing your diabetes? Don't let one of these bad habits do a number on your blood sugar. The first one is smoking. Smoking raises blood sugar levels and your risk of a host of diabetes related complications from vision problems to heart disease. So if you smoke, make it a priority to quit.

Next up, is negative self-talk. A bad attitude undermines your resolve to make positive changes. So watch out for that inner voice that says, you've failed or been bad, instead, Think of your mistake as your chance to learn and do better next time. Finally, don't settle for poor sleep. When your sleep deprives, your body doesn't metabolize blood sugar as well as it should.

Poor sleep also contribute to insulin resistance, it raises blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides, but having diabetes increases the risk of many sleep disorders including sleep apnea. If you don't feel rested each morning or don't sleep well, talk to your doctor about treatment options.