New Vitamin Research on Improving Blood Sugar

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Hi, I'm Doctor Miller with a tip for managing diabetes. Is there a connection between blood sugar and Vitamin D? A new study suggests that there may be. The study included middle-aged men and women with Type 2 diabetes. Half the participants drank Vitamin D fortified yogurt drinks twice a day with lunch and dinner, the other half drank a placebo drink of just yogurt.

After 12 weeks the people in the vitamin D group not only had lower blood sugar but also showed fewer signs of insulin resistance. More research is needed to know for sure to know for sure whether Vitamin D has a role in blood sugar control. But we do know that Vitamin D may help improve insulin sentivity and may even help regulate insulin secretion from the pancreas.

All important parts of blood sugar control. The lesson here is to be sure get your fair share of Vitamin D each day. We suggest that if you're under 60 you should 1, 000 international units per day, and people over 60 should get more. Stay tuned right and watch more great health matters. I'm Dr. Robin Miller.