Mini Workouts Help Manage Diabetes

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Hi, I'm Dr. Darria Long Gillespie. Here's a tip if you're having a hard time squeezing exercise into your busy schedule. Try a mini workout. Recent research finds that even a short workout can do good things for your blood sugar. In a study of young, inactive men, doing a series of sprints on exercise bikes every couple of days seemed to help lower their blood sugar and improve insulin function, and their total exercise time topped out at less than 10 minutes a week. Short intense workouts may help improve the way your muscles take up and use blood sugar, but these workouts won't help you loose weight.

Plus short high intensity training may not be appropriate for people with heart trouble, high blood pressure or other medical conditions. So check with your doctor before you try this kind of workout. But on days when getting to the gym or even fitting in a 30 minute walk is out of the question, it's nice to know that even a super short workout can help.

Something really is better than nothing. I'm Dr. Darria. For more ways to shape up and feel great, watch all our smart tips.