Don't Sip Coffee with Junk Food

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a quick tip to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Now I don't recommend making high fat, high calorie, fast food a habit, but if you do indulge once in a while here's how to make it a little less crazy for your blood sugar. Mix the coffee and chase it with water instead. A recent study suggests that drinking coffee during or after a junk food feast may double your blood sugar trouble.

In several trials participants ate nutritionally high fat meals on par with fast food meals, that alone made their blood sugar levels 32% higher compared to volunteers who didn't need the high fat meals. To make things worse, drinking a couple of cups of coffee a few hours after the meal push their blood sugar levels 65% that's right into the diabetic range.

Researchers suspect that both fat and caffeine may disrupt your body's ability to remove sugar from your blood stream. On it's own coffee has many health benefits my advice, skip the junk and enjoy the Java. For more ways to live better watch all our health tips right here.