3 Surprising Reasons to Control Your Blood Sugar

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Hi, I'm Dr. Doria [xx]. If you have diabetes, you know it's important to keep your blood sugar under control. That can help you avoid diabetes scary complications. From heart disease to blindness and nerve damage. But there are some other common diabetes complications you can avoid. Diabetes can take a big toll on relationships.

Uncontrolled high blood sugar can put the breaks on your sex life, like causing vaginal dryness in women and low testosterone and erectile dysfunction in men. People with diabetes are also twice as likely to suffer from depression. Due to changes in the brain possibly caused by diabetes. The stress and expense of managing and all encompassing condition like diabetes, also can make you more vulnerable to depression.

Poorly controlled diabetes can also cause financial stress according to the American Diabetes Association, newly diagnosed diabetics spend $4000 a year more on medical costs than people who don't have diabetes. So there you have have it. Three more reasons to watch your blood sugar and manage your diabetes aggressively.

I'm doctor Doria. For more ways to stay healthy with diabetes, watch all our smart tips.