Walking Marathons and No Holding Back!

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Okay, I Know I've done five marathons. I got inspired one time to do three in one year. It will never happened again. I've done a lot of half marathons because more distance I can handle. Well if you listen to all the books on half marathons, you're supposed to carbo-load. They don't mean five pounds of spaghetti for the entire week.

So I was doing half marathons 220 pounds. Very active but I was eating all wrong for my systems, so including chicken ribs because it's high in protein. In having the diagnosis and getting information on how to eat propery made it easier to get my system right. So that three weeks ago I did a half marathon in San Diego, two third and I'll do a nine mile race, that never happened in my old eating style.

On my old eating style it would be dual race, pretty guard you know how to walk when you wake up and then think about whether I can train for another one in about six months. Not anymore, in anywhere in my system testing and taking medication, I'm able to recover from big events sooner.

So the difference is that I have gone from hoping to goodness, I can live after the events to, what can I do next? What else can I do? How else can I make this better? How else can I to have fun with this. I'm having a lot of fun in working out as far as get ready for the next race, but I'm thinking on those lines of I can do more, I can do more for my health and my situation.