Learning to Love Exercise

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I wasn't exercising much. I was taking yoga classes and that was fine, it was good, but it wasn't really burning up a whole lot of fuel. I had a treadmill for years, and years, and years, and I would sporadically get on it, and then get off of it, and stop thinking about it, and became a night holder for all sorts of interesting things. And I had to walk the dogs, every morning I'd pick the dogs, so they really demanded that. So at minimum, I always walked the dogs for about half an hour in the morning, that had to change, dramatically after I got diagnosed.

My wonderful treadmill that I had in the garage became used for at least 45 minutes everyday. I changed other things, so I was taking the dogs out for walks every morning, and then getting on the treadmill, but then coming weekend I was taking the dogs to the dog park. Well, then I'm just standing around for now, while they're playing.

So we started going to Fiesta Island, and that's a big dog park fight at bay, that's enclosed, and it takes about 40 minutes to walk the perimeter. So instead of just standing around for 40 minutes, the dogs and I, all got exercise walking around there, and that was much more fun. And certainly as I continued to lose weight, and I wasn't hauling around as much body as I was. It became much easier, so then I started going on little hikes with the dogs, increasing the amount of times I spent on the treadmill, and recently I actually found a very low cost weight bench that I've been using to lift weights since I decided I didn't want to be in the gym.

So now I'm doing resistance training as well as being on the treadmill, and it's wonderful. Once the weight starts coming off, you've so much more energy, then you just feel light and you can move more.