Kicking the Soda Habit

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It was mostly my diet, it was what I really needed to address because I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing. For me, I loved bread and tortillas, so that was the hardest part. When we go out occasionally, I do see other people eating something that I'm like, I wish I could have that or you're just craving stuff.

I have to make that choice whether or not, I want to feel the ramifications of eating a couple of chips tomorrow. So, it's stressful but at the same time I think I value a little bit myself, and how I'm going to feel the next day because I know what the consequences are. I don't drink soda, I don't drink juice, I just drink water.

I cut all of that out of my diet because I noticed right away just stopping with the soda, I lost weight. I would recommend cutting off soda and juice, we buy a lot of that as a nation, as a family as everybody, and I think just cutting that out and drinking more water would be a big change it would definitely health.

You know, I craved sodas so much because I drank it so much, but it got to a point where now like we go out, I order my glass of water and I see other people drinking soda but in my head, I`m thinking every thing bad that they are putting in themselves, and so I`m like I don`t need it, and I don`t want it.

Eating right has helped me in every aspect pretty much.