How I Keep My Stress in Check

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One, have creativity in your life. The dreadlocks are stitched as well. Because if you can be creative, you can vent some of the stress. Two is stress management. Those two things together will allow you to get through a lot of stuff you didn't think you can handle. So my mother taught me how to crochet, so I crochet hats.

She inspired me to garden and so I garden. The bathtub thing is sort of happening on its own, it's fun though, it's kind of cool nice colours that kind of stuff, fragrance, food. Now I know, how to look at things differently. You see an old bath tub on the side of the road, you stop.

Kitchen sinks, all those kind of things, those are the kinds of things, now used to be junk, but are now like if I got that home, oh we're going to have the orchids growing in there and they can drain on to. So I have a creative vent and I have a way to vent because you're trying to move in a cast on bathtub, you have to learn how to vent.

It's 300 pounds and it has no arms or legs to help move it. But takes tension out of your body, just like that.