If I Have Diabetes, Does Controlling My Blood Sugar Also Lower My Heart Disease Risk?

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When somebody has diabetes I want to attack all of the risk factors that may go along with that. I think it's very hard to treat one without the other, so first I see if they are a good diabetic control and if not we work on that. I also look at their waist circumference, we know that fat or adipose tissue around the waist which is a unique kind of adipose tissue it churns out bad stuff for your body meaning that it leads to higher triglycerides insulin resistance, so I might measure the waist circumference as well as weigh them on the scale and calculate a body mass index.

So without trying to look at the overweight, their diet, their diabetes control, their blood pressure control. I feel very hard to really reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease without considering this group of risk factors that often goes along with diabetes.