Fried Food Is Bad News for People With Diabetes and Heart Disease

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, here with the tips if you'd love to eat out, but you need to order carefully because you have diabetes or heart disease. You probably already know you should skip the fried chicken. If there's plenty of other fried fare lurking on restaurant menus. For example, fish tacos is found healthy, right? Not if the fish is fried which it often is.

Here's some tips to order a tasty meal that fits in with a diabetes friendly diet. When ordering beef, chicken, or pork ask for broiled or grilled, not fried. Also avoid anything described as breaded on the menu. That's a sure sign it's fried. If french fries come with your meal, ask for aside of steamed vegetables instead. At breakfast, swap hash browns for fruit cup. Asian there's such as Chinese and Thai cuisine also seems like a healthy restaurant choice, but not always. Many times I meet an Asian dishes fry before it's mixed into a combination dish.

Asian sauces also tend to be very high in sodium. To be safe, choose a stir fried dish with vegetables as the main ingredient, and ask for steamed brown rice on the side. I'm Dr. Miller. For more ways to nourish your health, watch all smart tips.