When Eating Out, Choose Smart Protein

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a healthy restaurant tip if you have diabetes. Choose a smart protein each meal. Your blood sugar will thank you for it. If you are going out for breakfast skip the fatty sausage and bacon in favor of a order of egg. That's right eggs are great source of diabetes family protein and other nutrients.

In fact, like olive oil eggs also contain a type of fat that can help control your appetite. At lunch time be smart about your sandwich order especially if you're hitting up the daily counter. Buy [xx] and choose lean sliced, turkey, chicken or beef instead. Avoid layers of cheese and contaminants too. When you are at a Mexican restaurant, these are another tricky ones.

They are high in protein and fiber which is great for your blood sugar, but traditional re-fried beans have a lot of added fat, usually lard. So ask for whole beans instead. I'm Dr. Miller. For more ways to eat right on the go, watch all our smart tips.