Learning About Healthy Portions

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What I was having to do is figure out how I could have what I wanted, and still stay within the number of points that I was allowed to have or calories, however you want to measure it, plus the cards. So I was factoring in all these portion issues and then the carb counting as well, and it was becoming a little challenging because I kept getting, like I love baked potatoes and so look for a small baked potato and you could have a hard time finding them and who wants to be the person cutting the big potato and then putting it in the refrigerator and eating that the next day.

It just doesn't taste this good and I was at a little market up the road from me and happened to notice that they had a bin of roasted potatoes that were very small like, a small. And I thought, bingo and I bought a bunch and took them home and I weighed them and they were exactly within the range that I needed to have and I started thinking, oh, wait a sec.

So I started looking at bananas because my bananas are horrible for diabetics in the sense that they have a very high carb load. But, they also have a lot of potassium and really good for you and I that. So I needed to have the bananas, but again there's nothing worse than a brown banana, part of the banana, who wants left over bananas.

So I started looking at the bark, and I still do this. They'll have this huge, supermarkets love big, they love big produce, they love big packaging all of that. So, I look now for the smallest possible bananas I can find and I'll reap them up. They're usually on the top of the bunch and I'll reap them off, and bring them home and it's fine, that's my piece of fruit.

Same with apples, same with oranges. I've got little, I love tangerine season because they're little tiny things. The sort of vegetables you're fine and things like peas you can control portions. But that was a big deal and a big discovery from in other places where you can get them are not going to be your big major supermarket.

They're going to have a big step. So go to ethnic markets, go to farmer's markets and go to some of the little independent grocers who I think there must be a difference sort of scale for selling produce..