How Walnuts Help Your Blood Sugar

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Hi, I'm doctor Kevin Soden, do you know that walnuts are one of my favorite snacks? And they're really great choice if you have trouble with high blood sugar. Walnuts are already in a heart healthy league of their own because of their cholesterol improving powers, and a recent small study suggest that eating walnuts every day may help give blood vessels a much needed tune-up in people with diabetes.

In the study, people with type-2 diabetes were asked to eat about two ounces of walnuts every day, after eight weeks, endophilia function improved significantly in the Walnut eaters. Why is this good news? Because endophilia cells, that thin layer of cells that lines the inside of your blood vessels, maybe one of the first places to go bad when people with diabetes start developing vascular disease, and compared to other nuts, walnuts have higher amounts of alpha-linolenic acid, which may help protect against black formation in artery.

The bottom line, walnuts help keep the blood healthy and flowing. For more ways to nurse your health, watch all our smart tips.