How to Make a Diabetes-Friendly Smoothie

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Do you love smoothies? These nutrition packed meals in a glass are popular, but they can be tricky for people with diabetes. That's because juice bars smoothies tend to come in supper size serving. And they can be packed with sugar. But smoothies are easy to make at home. Here's some tips to create a satisfying smoothie that won't do a number on your blood sugar.

First include some protein in the form of Greek yogurt, tofu, or even cut as cheese. This proteins give a smoothie satisfying haft. They also help your body digest more slowly to keep your blood sugar stable. Nuts and nut butter are also smart ingredients in diabetes friendly smoothie, they add health fat, fiber, and protein.

You can add blood sugar friendly leafy greens too. Try kale and spinach, both are delicious in the smoothies with Apples or Strawberries. Finally watch the portion size. A one cup serving of a smoothie made with yogurt, fruit, nuts, and greens is plenty. I'm Dr. Miller, watch all our smart tips from more ways to nourish your good health.