How Can I Avoid Emotional Eating If I Have Diabetes?

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People with diabetes often face weight gain and obesity. To loose the wait and better manage diabeties, one has to understand where the calories come from. Often the calories come simply from overeating, and the overeating can be related to bad habits such as eating really fast, or eating in a rush, or it can be related to psychological factors such as impulsive eating.

And both those conditions overeating, due to emotions or due to bad habits can be identified, and taken care of through mind fullness practices. Always relax before you eat. Always use utensils and take your time. Don't eat while you're doing other activities such as watching TV, or walking. Be mindful of the quantity of food you eat, and finally, identify the difference between being hungry and being stressed or emotionally distressed.

Do not eat because you are emotionally distressed. It will just add to weight gain and worse results in the long term.