Eating Well, Living Well

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I thought I had to give up French fries okay? So my old regime was half chicken dinner, large ordered Coslow, Beagles or French fries and then try not to nod off on the drive home. Under the new regime I'm eating, the half chicken dinner, steamed vegetables and a salad I`m just as full not likely to fall sleep I can do something else after I eat.

I can do more because I'm not trying to get my system to process the wrong food. You have, this is what you should eat and you look at it and kind of go. Then you start putting it into practice and finding out the steamed vegetables with barbecue sauce isn't a bad thing to do. I can live with that.

The recommendations are nice, but if you can't live with it, if they said brussles presso cure diabetes, well, I don't think so, it's not going to help me. But, if they tell you that eating fresh vegetables is the way to go, if you eat more fruit, if you eat more nuts, if you eat more whole food as opposed to processed food.

Well let me see how I can fit that in my situation. The next thing you know you're like wait a minute, I've shifted. I 'm not eating pizza and spaghetti every chance I get. I'll live with that. I live with that, that's the difference.[MUSIC].