Eat Less Red Meat to Prevent Diabetes

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with today's smart health tip. This one is about preventing diabetes. Here's an easy way to slash your diabetes risk by a third. Eat less red meat. Eating a daily serving of red meat, beef, pork or lamb raises your diabetes risk by 19%, and scarfing down processed meat, like a sausage patty or a couple of Bacon strips, that will boost your risk by 51%.

Preservatives are the big troublemakers in processed meats, they weaken your body's ability to produce insulin which regulates your blood sugar. The iron in red meat also messes with your insulin, your best bet is to choose healthier proteins. Now I like fish, skinless chicken breasts and all kinds of beans, lentils and chickpeas.

Non fat or low fat dairy like creamy Greek yogurt is another great option. These healthier alternatives are just as tasty and they help prevent diabetes. You're going to learn more ways to live better? Well, watch all of our smart tips, they're right here.