Reduce Your Diabetes Risk With Oatmeal

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Hi I'm Dr. Miller with a tip to avoid blood sugar problems. There's no guaranteed way to make sure you never develop blood sugar problems that could lead to diabetes, but you can slash your risk considerably, start by eating Oatmeal. A study surveyed that diets of 4000 men and women without diabetes and track their health for a decade.

The people who consume the highest amount of cereal fiber were 61% less likely to develop diabetes over a 10-year period. But here's the kicker, the fiber source mattered. Fiber from fruits and veges are essential to help for many reasons, they didn't have much of an impact for reducing diabetes risk. Only fiber from grains and cereals which are digested more slowly seem to do the job.

How much cereal fiber are we talking about? People with the lowest risk of developing diabetes reported to eating at least 25 grams of fiber from grains and cereals daily. When it comes to oatmeal, stick to steel-cut oats, they've been processed the least, and retain the most fiber, and nutrients. Rose oats are a good second choice. For more ways to nourish your health and stay well, watch all our smart tips right here.