Reduce Stress Now to Prevent Diabetes Later

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Sodan with smart reasons for you to relax tonight. It may help prevent diabetes later whether you toss a frisbee with the kids or listen to your favorite tunes easing anxiety today cuts your chances of a dangerous stress related rise in your blood sugar five years from now by up to 30%.

Here's why. Hormones released when you're under stress are some of the same hormones your body uses to increase your blood sugar, but you have a lot of control over how you handle stress. For instance, the boss shoots you a dirty look or a funny look you could panic, or you could think twice and realize it might be just the natural he won't down at lunch.

Not your problem managing your stress also prevents other things that aren't luxury and friendly like scarfing down doughnuts when you're up against the deadlines. When you're relaxed, your blood sugar settles down too. So intentions running high take the night off. I'm Dr. Kevin Soden, for more ways to safeguard your health watch all our smart tips.