Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar With Blueberries

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Hi, this is Dr. Oz with a simple tip to give your morning meal a boost. I'm talking about blueberries. Research suggest that a regular dose of the compounds found in blueberries can enhance insulin sensitivity, that's your bodies ability to draw sugar from blood and use it as energy. The theory here was tested in a study of obese people who had insulin resistance but not full blown diabetes.

They drank a daily smoothie made with dried blueberry extract. After six weeks, they showed a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity. This is a especially good news if you're overweight or have other related health factors that puts you at risk for insulin resistance, high blood sugar or type-2 diabetes.

Of course, blueberries alone won't prevent or lower high blood sugar, you'll need to adopt other healthy habits like an overall smart diet and exercise plan, but blueberries can help you get there. Watch all of our smart tips right here for healthy snack advice.