Get to Know Your Fasting Blood Sugar

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. Here's something I bet you don't know about your health, it's a number that could help you keep your body and your mind younger and sexier. That vital number is your fasting blood sugar, which is what doctors look at when they are checking for diabetes, but even though rates of blood sugar problems are going up fast, not enough people are being tasted early.

Old school medicine says you should get your blood sugar checked at 45, earlier if you're overweight or under active, or if you do have a high blood pressure or a family history of diabetes. But an impressive recent study of 325, 000 people suggested, even if you have no known risk factors, getting tested as young as 30 could result in detecting diabetes up to six years sooner. That's huge, it buys you time to avoid diabetes complications, like nerve damage, heart attacks, kidney failure, blindness, sexual problems and dimension.

Getting tested earlier also spots pre-diabetes. So you can change your eating habits and exercise more to help prevent full blown diabetes. What are you waiting for? Ask your doctor about having your blood sugar tested. For more ways to boost your health, watch and share all our smart tips right here.