Eat Slower to Prevent Diabetes

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Alright, Dr. Oz here with a simple tip to help prevent diabetes. When you sit down, be with your family and friends, are you always the first one done? If so, here's a good reason to slow down. Wolfing down your food makes you two and a half times more likely to develop diabetes. Speed eating encourages you to eat more because your brain doesn't have time to register, just your stomach is full.

Even worse, it throws up your blood sugar levels and turns on genes that are vulnerable to diabetes. Here's some tricks to help you slow down the next time you eat. First off, nibble a little healthy fat about 30 minutes before your meal. Just six walnut helps, a handful of omelettes, or a quarter of an avocado will help your stomach feel full, so you eat less.

Spend at least 30 minutes at the table. Remember to savor your food, and enjoy the conversation. Taking your time allows your brain to get a signal that your stomach is full, and finally eat more frequent meals, more slowly, and more often. Staying satisfied keeps your blood sugar level stable, and will help prevent diabetes.

It also means, to less that little wolf down in your next meal. You want to learn about more ways to nourish your health? Well, stay tuned to watch more of our smart and easy tips.