5 Simple Tricks to Prevent Diabetes

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Hi. Dr. Oz here. Are you among the roughly 80 million Americans with pre diabetes? Pre diabetes makes blood sugar levels too high to be healthy, but not quite high enough to qualify for type-2 diabetes, but you want to do everything you can to prevent full blown diabetes. So here's how. Cut back on the red meat, eating red meat, bacon or sausage everyday increases your risk to getting diabetes, a whopping 51%.

Instead, eat a Mediterranean diet with lots of veggies and fruits, nuts, olive oil and sea food, and not to so much of that dairy or red meat. That will slash your diabetes risk by 83%. Keep a food journal, recording every bite you eat everyday can double your weight loss. I you're overweight, loosing 5-10% of your body weight lowers your diabetes risk 58%.

And sip coffee, 3 cups of Joe a day decreases your diabetes risk as well, and you can get moving. Walk 30 minutes a day at least five days a week. Exercise helps your body use blood sugar more efficiently and help prevent diabetes. Every step away from type-2 diabetes, is a step towards the life you deserve, healthy, happy and long. Want more ways to live better, watch all of our health smarts right here.