3 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

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I'm Dr. Oz with the day's health tip, and this time you get three for the price of one. If you are on your way to diabetes, you can still make lifestyle changes, and I've got three smart and easy ways to help you do it. First, be a regular at your local farmer's markets. This alone can prevent diabetes. Eating produce cuts your diabetes risk by 24% or more, thanks in part to all that fiber which steadies the blood sugar levels.

Second, trade in your fancy coffee drink for a sugarless, nonfat chai latte. Drinking just one sugar loaded drink a day increases diabetes risk by 26% and metabolic syndrome risk by 20%. Substituting a glass of fat free milk does the opposite, it cuts your risk by 12%. Finally, go for more bliss, less stress. Don't wait for vacations to [xx] tension. Both high anxiety and lack of sleep mess with the absorption of blood sugar. Getting less that six hours sleep at night doubles your diabetes risk, as thus a high stress job.

Ease your ranks by turning in early, exercising to blow off steam, finding a stress reduction technique like meditation or Yoga that you absolutely love. Three lifestyle changes that could prevent diabetes and save your life. I'm Doctor Oz. Watch more life changing health tips, right here.