Should I Avoid Coffee and Alcohol if I Have Diabetes?

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No one thinks so by and large my approach to diabetes management is harshly not about trying to restrict peoples lifestyle and doing, and I think it's important to enjoy your life as just as it is to manage your diabetes. I don't think coffee is a problem obviously you don't want to put a lot of sugar in your coffee.

I don't usually say to people you should do this or that with alcohol or frankly with most supplements or foods because a lot of times we don't have the full picture of what it does, I think alcohol should be consumed if it's a preference you just have to be aware of the positive and negative effects in diabetes in particular it has a lot to do with the alcohol is mixed with, because alcohol itself, ethal alcohol itself often lowers blood sugar it tends to mimic glucose which is the normal blood sugar in the pancreas and it stimulates sex for instant release by the pancreas, and particularly when it's mixed to a certain medications you see very low sugars develop but I think if you are monitoring your sugar and if you're drinking moderation it's perfectly fine.