How Can I Prepare My Teen with Diabetes to Deal with Alcohol and Drugs?

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A parents who can't prepare their child who has diabetes, when they encounter alcohol or drugs in the school system with their friends, by having a talk with them just like they would do for any child, that's really important. The open communication is what helps a person understand, a child understand that it's something they need to pay attention, and look out for, and feel like they can come back and talk with you.

With diabetes, it's even more important because of the way alcohol impacts their system. Alcohol in itself, hard alcohols like Fargo will actually burn off sugar. So a person may have a diabetic reaction, and you don't want your child going out there, and drinking with some friends, experimenting, and ending up in hospital because their blood sugar went low and they had hyperglycemia. Now on the reverse end, if they are drinking sweet drinks like margaritas their blood sugar may go too high, and alcohol and key tones don't work very well together, and that's a bad combination. Your children need to understand that they're going to hurt themselves if they don't take care of that, if they happen to go out and use.

Ideally, we don't want them to experiment and we want them to be saf,e but this is really about prevention. If they do, make sure that they're doing it responsibly and adjusting whatever they need to to make sure they're safe.