What Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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Nobody really knows what causes rheumatoid arthritis, there are a lot of ideas, I remember when I was first checking out to see if I really wanted to go in to rheumatology then one of the rheumatologist told me, I know what causes rheumatoid arthritis, it's a virus, it actually interestingly I went to interview at another place two weeks later and the first question that the gentleman asked me, the rheumatologist asked me what causes rheumatoid arthritis?

Well, I very knowingly said it's a virus, and he she shook his head and said no, it's a micro bacteria, which is a different type of infection. Actually nobody really knows because if we knew what caused rheumatoid arthritis we would probably be able to cure it, but this is what we do know, what we do know is that there is a genetic component because if you have an identical twin with rheumatoid arthritis your chance of getting rheumatoid arthritis is 25 times out of the general population, but, there obviously is an environmental trigger too, because it's not a 100%, so, if it was a 100% genetic, then if you had an identical twin, you'd get it too, but it's not so it's only 25 times out of the general population, but it's still 3 times more likely, that you won't get it, than you will, because it's 25% not a 100%.