Manage Ankle Pain

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Hi, I'm Physical Therapist Peggy Brill. If Psoriatic or Rheumatoid Arthritis is causing your ankle pain, I want you to try this simple three step solution. It will help you prevent and manage flare-ups anytime, anywhere. Hi, I'm here with Kristine and the first exercise that we are going to do to help our ankles is what's called Ankle

pops. Now what you do is, you're just going to point your toes up towards the ceiling and then point them down. Keep the thighs relaxed so you don't have to extend the knees so much. You really want to focus on the ankles moving as far as they can in both directions. It's great to get the blood flowing, it also helps lubricate your ankle joint.

The second exercise which is going to be ankle circles, and we're just going to start out with pointing outward, and really try to feel the whole range and motion. And then change direction, and go inward five times, and you're going to fell all the muscle up in the front and the back of the calf and the side, really getting good stretch.

If it hurts, avoid the position that creates the pain, just go up to it, small motions at first and as you start to feel that you have more motion, increase going further and further. And the last of the ankle exercise is side lying put inversion. Now, what you're going to do is that, the leg that you are lying on is going to be straight, and what you are going to, Christine you're going to lift up your foot towards the ceiling, and this is a great way to get some resistant against gravity. These muscles are very important, these muscles rule because they help you with push up when you are walking and this will help to strengthen your foot for normalizing your gate.

Most important is that, you are lifting your foot up against gravity. There is a still a couple more, and at this point, and you can let that rest, at this point, your feet should be feeling great, and your ankle should be loose, and it should be much easier to walk.